Wildwood Kin

21/11/2019, 7.30pm

Exeter Lemon Grove

Wildwood Kin are a family trio whose sound is characterised by extraordinary harmonies. Their brilliant debut album, while influenced by their early folk leanings, delved deeply into other genres, featuring both electric and acoustic instruments, and boasted inventive sonics and spectral atmospherics alongside their hypnotic three-part harmonies.

Guitarist Emillie Key, her bouzouki/keyboard-playing sister Beth and their drumming cousin Meghann Loney, all sing, swapping leads and joining on harmonies.

They have just released a covers EP voices of equilibrium and have recently topped 13 million streams on spotify.

‘This Devonshire trio are set to put folk music back in the pop charts after years of brewing their wonderful debut album’

‘Their voices mesh lushly together’