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The Worlds No. 1 Nirvana Tribute Band

Plus Support  

7/08/2020, 7:30pm

Lemon Grove, Exeter

"This tribute band's frontman oozes the spirit of Kurt Cobain and is perhaps the closest you'll ever come to hearing the voice of Cobain in person" – Loudwire Magazine

"Jon O'Connor really is the closest to the real thing" – Aaron Burckhard, original Nirvana drummer

"It's a bit freaky how much they sound like Nirvana. Having never seen Nirvana live, like so many of us, they bring it will all of the energy and performance level of the real thing" – Jason Steinberg, WBAB Radio New York

"You couldn't ask for a more viscerally accurate experience" – O2 Venue reviews

"Tremendous! The real deal" – Bradley Jay, WBZ Radio Boston

"The stage set, all the audience begin to dance. After a few songs (such as the overwhelming Breed), the watching crowd seems to have completely forgotten that this is not the real Nirvana" – 3Voor12 reviews